Learning to brew is both easy and rewarding.

Homebrewing is one of the most rewarding hobbies on earth. Not only does it give you an amazing way to spend your time, it gives you beer at the end of the day! Keg & Barrel also makes this process incredibly easy to learn. Now with our classes, it is even easier to begin brewing. Even if you are an old hand at brewing, you can still step up your brewing game by learning how to brew all grain beer.  Interested in attending class?  Simply email or call us with the style class and RSVP to reserve your space.  Classes are limited to 10 people so HURRRRRRY.

Extract Class
$25pp – Sunday @12pm

In our extract class we will teach you the basics of brewing. We will walk you through the entire brew day, from heating up your water all the way to your last hop addition and chilling your beer to ferment. Not only will we show you how to brew, we will give you all the information you need to brew consistently amazing beer. Brewing beer is incredibly fun and easy and can give you a delicious product at the end of the day. Classes last between 2 ½-3 hours and cost $20.

All Grain Class
$25pp – October 29th Sunday @12pm

All grain is the next step up in complexity from brewing all grain. For many people this can be a very intimidating step. Through our all grain classes, we will provide you will all the confidence you need for your first all grain brew day. With the basics of fermentation covered, we will focus our class on the mashing and extraction of grain. Our class is designed to break down all the advanced details of brewing and make them as simple as possible. Classes last between 4-4 ½ hours and cost $25.

Wine Making Class

$20pp -Call to schedule a lesson.

In our wine making class we will guide you through the basics of brewing wine. Our class is focused on making the most of your wine, allowing you to craft consistently excellent wine every time you pick up a kit. Our wine will be made from a winexpert kit which can be purchased any time of the year. Classes last around 2 hours and cost $20.